Ever feel like the world we live in just isn't quite on its axis? Like people just don't smile enough? Make the statement: Being kind doesn't really take a ton of energy. It's actually pretty easy! A smile here, a high five there... Pass it on!
>>>••With every Arrow Tee Co. item you buy, we donate an Arrow Tee to a child with special needs. We have some pretty amazing little friends with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injuries, Epilepsy, Down's Syndrome, and more- and not one of them let their challenges stop them from doing exactly what they want!

**Each item is custom made just for YOU which means items shown was custom made for another customer. Tee style is subject to availability. You can chose the one shown OR contact us and specify what you'd like to have.

**Live in our area? Use coupon code LOCAL at checkout to pick up at Miss Persnickety Joon!

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