• Image of Don't DIS' my ABILITY
  • Image of Don't DIS' my ABILITY

Sweet Gabe has a lot of anxiety about his upcoming surgery. He is super smart and extremely observant. So his question isn't the standard "will it hurt?". His question is "why can't I just be normal like everyone else?". After I had my much needed my-heart-is-breaking breakdown, I was able to process it all. We, as grown-ups, need to redefine the simple word "NORMAL". Such a simple word and yet has so many varying degrees. I've explained to Gabe that he is normal when it comes to the Duke standard, just like John Smith is normal when it comes to the Smith standard. Basically meaning that normal is simply what we accept. We accept Gabe's disability which makes him normal to us. If we teach our children to be accepting of others despite their differences, the standard of what is normal will be greater. Pretty easy, right? 💚
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